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2DE of mouse brain

Special Proteomics Offer

- your specialist in proteomics and traget validation!

We provide high quality » contract research and » services for proteomics as well as protein analyses. Using latest cutting edge technologies and offering competent support, we enable our customers to obtain individually tailored fast and reproducible research results.

Currently we offer a proteomics pilot study for proteome analysis of two sample groups three tests conducted for each (e.g. 3x control sample vs. 3x diseased/modified sample):
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Our Leading Services

Proteome analysis (proteomics) by extreme high resolution 2D electrophoresis (2DE separation of up to 10,000 proteins) for
1) Target identification
2) Biomarker (disease marker) & surrogate marker identification
3) Drug mechanism of action & predictive toxicology
4) Differential protein (expression) pattern analysis
5) Phospho & glyco proteomics
6) Immuno proteomics
7) Plasma & CSF (liquor) proteomics with depletion of high abundant proteins

Protein separation by extreme high resolution 2D electrophoresis for
A) Protein cataloguing
B) Protein species and isoform distribution analysis
C) Analysis of posttranslational modifications
D) Western blot
E) Quality control of proteins
F) Quality control of antibody by 2D western blot

Exceptional Advantages of Our Services

Other Proteomics Services and Products

Please take a look to » www.proteomefactory.com for other proteomics and protein analytical services and products of Proteome Factory like
- Protein identification & protein characterization
- Mass spectrometry & N-terminal protein or peptide sequencing (Edman sequencing)
- Identification & Characterization of primary sequence of proteins and antibodies (e.g. CDR region)
- De novo peptide sequencing software SEQUiT!
- High throughput spot picking robot spotXpress

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